The Good Neighbor Act

The Good Neighbor Act is a series of specific actions designed to revitalize neighborhoods from the inside out. From providing foreclosure solutions to the purchasing and renovation of distressed properties,we look to make positive impacts in communities.


 01. One on one Consultation

We sit with home owners to talk options. We will provide insight and support so they can make informed decisions regarding their property.


 02. Tax Delinquency & Pre-foreclosure Support

We support home owners dealing with foreclosure and tax delinquencies. We will work with them to resolve their issues and help them stay in their homes. When needed we will also refer home owners to other housing industry professionals.


03. Direct Purchase

When selling the home is the best option, we purchase properties at fair price with a fast closing directly from sellers. Our direct purchase program buys homes in any condition and that includes abandoned properties. 


04. Short Sale Experts

When short selling your home is an option, you need the right team behind you. Our experience with short sales will give you the power to move on with your life after the sale on your own terms

04. Ribbon Investing

There will be times where we buy distressed homes. Once we secure that property, we are dedicated to rehabbing with integrity. We will ensure the home matches the current look and feel of the community while adding value to the community. 


05. New Neighbor Outreach

From our community relationships and Home Buyers Club, we will work to engage new potential residents. We also work to ensure that new neighbors are connected to the community.


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