the good neighbor act

The Good Neighbor Act


To offer home buying support services that acknowledge the conflicted history of Richmond

 This service connects industry insights with a knowledge of Richmond housing. We use our understanding of redlining, blockbusting and gentrification to support our clients who are looking to build and contribute to a more accountable, diverse, inclusive, and equitable Richmond.




Richmond has been experiencing incredible growth with as many as 32,000 new Richmonders since 2000.  Many of these new residents are looking to live in a Richmond that is for everyone. A Richmond that is filled with history, inclusive communities and equal opportunity for all. 

We created TGNA to be a tool to answer the hard questions our clients asked us privately. It takes those questions and provides answers that connect our clients dreams and needs to the right home, in the right community.


the why


A Different Approach

A Different Richmond

our difference

Richmonders today are looking for something greater than themselves

This effort started by listening to the heartfelt thoughts of our clients who made a choice to be inclusive, to be stewards and to be good neighbors

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