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The Good Brand





Fee      $75


Creator    Damon Harris

Facilitator(s)   Damon Harris

Being a socially responsible and purpose-driven company is becoming an increasingly-important factor in customer loyalty and brand awareness. Connecting your brand to the right cause is a marketing strategy that can be a profitable endeavor.


This program helps you create that right balance between “giving back” and "making profits", and how the two can work in tandem most effectively. We will provide a bird’s eye view of what cause marketing is, what types of programs can be implemented to fit your business and identifying the right cause to fit your personal and business needs.



  • Learn how traditional real estate brands are following their ideals to become better corporate citizens while at the same time fueling growth

  • Learn how to leverage your values to get free marketing

  • Define brand ideals and purpose in order to unlock future brand potential

  • What to look for in a cause

  • How partnering with local nonprofits can attract leads

  • Learn the difference between sponsorship and marketing

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