THE idea

A combined effort guided by profit driven strategies with an all hands on deck approach

The Collective is where bottom lines are realized through collective work. It relies on individual passions, group economics and utilizes systematic approaches to property acquisitions.

THE how

Acquiring specific properties, for specific reasons and specific results. 

The Collective works to acquire properties that present various profit opportunity for members. Our acquisition strategies allow for investors to participate with little smaller financial investments. 

We identify property that meets investment strategy

Collective members combine funds to purchase properties and make needed renovations. 

Property is sold and collective members split returns equally

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Because if you want to invest, there should be a way for you to begin

Investing in real estate is all about the numbers and it takes money to make money. By using a collective economic strategy, we are able to secure more deals while engaging more investors. This concept makes investing in real estate available to people with a smaller initial investment. 

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