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Tarah Harris is the Co-founder of Teal House Company and licensed realtor with Ransome Realty Group. 

First licensed in 2014, Tarah is known for being a problem solver who never gets rattled. Her steady hand approach to service makes her an industry leader in servicing those doing real estate for the first time. From first time home buyers to home sellers and even first time investors, Tarahs ability to nurture and educate drives her success. 

What truly sets Tarah apart is how she measures that success. As a million dollar producing agent whose helped dozens of families become homeowners is a result of a deeper commitment. She is passionate about bringing real estate solutions that support the needs of everyone. This has resulted in her developing creative solutions such as Eyelash Effect1300 Method and a home buyers club. Combine that with over 20 classes in Teal House Academy and Tarah is always working to support her clients. 


Always looking forward , this Connecticut native who has called Virginia home for over 15 years is poised to change real estate by bringing the audacity to make real estate work for everyone the standard way of doing business.  

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