A mindset, a strategy and a core belief.

A way to promote responsible investing  

It's a choice to invest in affordable housing projects. From acquisition to engaging local contractors we partner with community focused help investors who are looking to make responsible profits

THE how

We start the process right from the start and finish with products that profit. 

We rehab properties and develop new revitalized housing opportunities. By using our direct buy program, offering reduced rate services from the VIP and adjusting cost associated with selling, we are able to invest responsibly. 

we identify and partner with people focused investors who are looking to make responsible profits.

Using the VIP network of industry professionals, Ribbon Investors are afforded special pricing to help offset expenses

Teal House sells Ribbon Investor products at direct with no commission. 

Fair Pricing Standards

Ribbon Investors commit to putting new homes on the market at market or under market rate. 

Remodeling Integrity

Ribbon Investors agree to rehab properties to fit the style of the current community.

Community Principles

Keeping with community history, Ribbon Investors are respectful of neighborhood histories and tradition.

Hire Local

Ribbon Investors will be connected to and look to hire minority and locally based contractors and real estate industry professionals

Next Gen

Through direct support, education and mentoring we work with emerging real estate professionals who believe in the importance of affordable entry level housing.


Stop pricing out the current community for people who don't live here yet.

Investing in real estate is all about the numbers and it takes money to make money. When you buy right, rehab smart and reduce some cost associated with selling, you can get the bottom line results without out pricing people out.

our process & purpose

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