Property development from concept to people driven products that

fosters home ownership.

We offer high-quality, economically-focused rehab that addresses the lack of affordable entry level homes. Our development process encompasses community & resident engagement, planning, design, financing, and construction management that results in community that is owner and renter friendly.

We look for particular properties to do particularly awesome things 

We look to acquire properties that we can buy low and sale at market or under market rate. Our development goals are to create wonderful homes, create profits and not price out the community. 

Condo Conversion

We look to rehab one owner properties with 2 or more units and convert them into individual homes. Each condo conversion will be at or under market rate

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Historic Home Rehab

We use key insight and strategies to produce quality renovations on historic homes. From accessing tax credits to ensuring proper abatement, we look to put homes in the hands of new home owners. 


If you would like to more info on our development services, contact us. Or, you can always call so we can talk about it all. 

Call/text Tarah directly at (804) 554-6703

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Approach to development is a mindset and a core belief. It's also what makes 


Fair Pricing Standards 

Ribbon Investors work to put new homes on the market at market or under market rate. 


Remodeling Integrity

When rehabbing properties we are committed to keeping with the current community standard. 


Hire Local

We will use local contractors and professionals on projects

Next Gen

Through direct support, education and mentoring we work with emerging real estate professionals who believe in the importance of entry level housing.


Community Principles

Keeping with community history, Ribbon Investors are respectful of neighborhood histories and tradition. 


Ribbon Investors

We will only work with ribbon Investors. These are investors who have shown respect to communities and do not have "pricing out" practices