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Why hasn't your home sold yet

You have had that for sale sign in front of your home for what seems like forever. Even your agent is always posting about your home on your social media accounts. You have even had a handful of open houses..but with all of that you haven’t had a bite, not even a nibble.

We know It’s easy to get frustrated when the selling process seems to be moving slower than your need to get out. This is double time when you know your home is nice. So let’s have straight talk! If all of those wonderful things are happening than you did something wrong.

So what is the problem? Take a look at some of our maybe’s...

It’s priced too high

We know you have a number in mind, but that number needs to work. Your home is only worth what buyers are willing to pay for it. If your asking price is much higher than comparable homes in your neighborhood, you’ll have a hard time getting anyone to look at it. Have your REALTOR® prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) to be sure your house is priced fairly.

Your curb appeal needs help

Just take a look at your home from the curb or even from your car. You can take that one step further and get a friend to do a drive by. What’s the first thing a buyer is going to see? If it’s unkempt landscaping, a patchy lawn, or peeling paint, potential buyers might add it to their “Thanks but no thanks” list without even getting out of the car. Give your exterior some TLC.

It’s invisible to buyers

Nobody can see it

According to the stats, 92 percent of buyers use the internet during their home search. If your agent hasn’t listed your home in the places where buyers are browsing, they could be passing you by. At the very minimum, make sure your home is listed on all of the major real estate websites:,,, and the MLS. Fun Fact, did you know thatwhen a realtor post your home on the MLS (Multiple listing service) it automatically updates to external sites such as Zillow etc.

Your photos need some work

If the photos are so-so than your buyers and even agents are going to say no-no I will move on. You don't want your home to get this response, "It looks so much better in person." Also don't use every possible filter you can, you must make sure the home looks realistic.

It’s outdated

Homebuyers pay more attention to the kitchen and bathrooms than they do to any other rooms of a house. Unsurprisingly, homes with kitchens and bathrooms that haven’t been updated sit on the market longer and often sell for less. If this sounds like it might be your problem, look for small improvements that will make your house move-in ready and provide the best return for your money. Try updated paint colors, light fixtures and exterior colors if you don't have the budget for updates.

It may be you

Are you following what your realtor says? Are you willing to make the necessary repairs? Is viewing your home easy. Your flexibility directly impacts how fast your home gets sold. Be flexible and responsive.

Selling your home takes a team effort. Regardless of the market you have to be prepared to do the work beyond fresh paint. Listening to your realtor, trusting the process and being engaged will help your home get sold.

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