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Don't get fired by your realtor

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Managing the realtor client relationship

Disclaimer: We love our clients and do all we can do provide them with the proper insight, information and resources to make the right choice

Buying a house is a process and before we get started down this road make sure you read the disclaimer again. The home buying process means you will spend a lot of time with your realtor. There will be moments where you both drive each other nuts.

If you are one of our current clients, we are not talking about the time you called or text us after 11pm because you found a foreclosure on Zillow. However, since we most likely already told you about Zillow you may get a, “I’ll check on it in the morning. But we’re talking about things that may hurt your home buying experience and chances of getting the right house at the right price

Since our goal is to be helpful, we created a list of things that you may find yourself doing that will not only frustrate your realtor but you also.

Not staying in contact: This means checking your email, responding to a text or simply picking up the phone. This is a 2-way relationship, both you and your realtor need to be available. Whether it is looking at a new property or signing important documents, time is of the essence.

Focusing on Cosmetics: Some homes may need the carpet cleaned and some may need a new roof. When you are home searching there may be small things that can keep you from seeing the true potential of the home. Don’t get caught up in the color of the walls. You must keep location, price, number of bedrooms and other key needs in the forefront of your mind. You don’t want to lose the perfect home by focusing on the stain on the floor.

Waiting too long: Of course, we aren’t going to rush you. But if you begin passing on homes because you are waiting for a better home time and time again, we may need to talk. This goes double time if you are house shopping at a time when there are more buyers than homes. Waiting in a competitive market could put you behind weeks.

Not disclosing Everything: You do know we need to know your business right. We need to know if you really divorced or are you just separated. We need to know what you really want to spend on a home. We need open and honest conversations. We don’t expect to get your life story in one day, but we would like to know you have an 18-year-old who comes home on the weekend. A good realtor will try and ask all the right questions, all you need to do is open up. If you have the right realtor, this will happen naturally.

Being cheaper than you need to be: We want you to get the most for your money, but we also want you aware that you are going to have to buy something at a market value. You can’t low ball everyone. We will try all we can to get everything from price reductions to seller concessions. But sometimes, you just must pay for the home you want.

Talking to other Realtors: We don’t even want to go there. But if this happens, you must be careful. The more information you provide another realtor, the more leverage they can bring to their client. Our job is to represent you the best way we can, so let us do it.

Ignoring the Seller: You are buying someone’s home and they have an expectation of how much money they can make. They also may have personal situations of their own connected to the home. They may not be able to afford repairs, they may be forced to sell or they may just be moving on. Either way, we will do our best to connect the needs of the buyers to your needs. To do this, we will need you to be open to seeing a few things from the seller’s view point.

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