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First Time
Homebuyers Club


Take a look at what we're offering to create more homebuyers.

Looking to own a home, but don't want to where to start.


Homebound is a homeownership readiness program. It is designed to provide you with direct insights and support to prepare you for homeownership. From credit repair support to meeting industry professionals this program is crafted to make available key support and information.

Homebound is a homebuyer readiness program for first time home buyers. It combines education, experiences and personal support.

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What happens after you order?

1. You will be contacted by Teal House Company 

2. You will have a 1 hour consultation to outline your customized home buying plan.

3. You will be enrolled into group programming

4.You will be given access to classes and events

5. You will be given a homebuyer planner

6. Have 1 hour of personal support per month.

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