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There are moments where a home as gone without maintenance, upkeep or paid property taxes. These home become susceptible to the tactics wholesalers, predatory investors and targeted tax sales. Combined with generations of area disinvestment, some home owners are at risk of losing their homes for nothing. 

Equity Boosting slows down gentrification by preventing outside investors from buying low selling high. It is

a strategy designed to help home owners who want/need to sell get the most out of their home. We have a process and strategy for helping home owners add value back into their homes by making repairs and paying critical debts to maximize the sell. This program is for home owners who are looking to sell their home. We do not make cash offers

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If you have to sell, make the best possible deal.

Value Boosting is our way to support home owners who are at risk of losing their homes and selling is a key option. Our goal is to keep properties out of the hands of outside investors while providing home sellers with the best financial exit from the property.