The Home Stay Act keeping the integrity of our communities starting with vulnerable home owners  

A systematic approach to providing supportive services that improve economic standings for property owners while committing to growing stewardship our real estate portfolio responsibly.


Pre-Foreclosure Support

By working directly with the bank, we can help get your home off the foreclosure list. We work to turn a total loss into some income by buying your home directly. 

Tax Delinquency Support

If you are behind in taxes and you want to save your home, we will work to support that effort. If selling is the best option, we can buy your home fast.

Unwanted Property

If you have property that you no longer want, we will buy it directly from you. Leveraging our resources and bringing in responsible investors, we can buy your home with cash. 

For immediate assistance call/text Damon directly at (804) 868-9501

If you just want to sell your home, we have a Buy Direct Progam and here is how it works.


Contact us for a free consultation. From there we will make provide the appropriate services directly or by referral. If you are looking to sell your home, we will determine the best strategy for meeting your needs.


We will come by and take a look at your property. We will discuss your options and opportunity for profit. This may include buying your home immediately or putting on the market for sale. 

Offer & closing options

If you decide that selling your home immediately is the best option for you, we will present you with a written offer. In addition we will create a closing date that best suits your financial needs. 

If you're looking for help with your home contact us. We would love to help and will get back to you soon.

You can also call/text Tarah directly at (804) 554-6703

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