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As the Co-founder of Teal House Company, Damon is usually somewhere doing just what you see in this picture. That’s thinking, planning and creating. He makes sure that all programs and services match the core values of Teal House while providing clients with industry leading services


Damon is the agitator, pot stirrer and industry hater. Maybe it is just his nature or maybe it is his entrepreneurial spirit that makes him look at everything from a perspective of “what if we could do that better?" It is that desire to create solutions and his background in social work that gives Teal House Company it’s systematic approach to service.

Guided by the belief that housing is a right and real estate is housing, Damon works to connect solutions to the embedded inequalities in real estate the real estate industry.

PROUDLY REPRESENTING RANSOME REALTY GROUP - 1624 4th Ave - Richmond, Virginia 23222