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As the lead strategist, Damon is usually somewhere doing just what you see in this picture. That’s thinking, planning and creating. He makes sure that the marketing connects with audiences, that listings are promoted with passion and every service concept is designed to not only work, but crush it.

He was brought into real estate by the wave of excitement he saw in Tarah. As the supportive husband, he thought he was going to help for just a few weeks. But as you see, he is still here.

There isn’t a time where Damon is working. Damon is the agitator, pot stirrer and industry hater. Maybe it is just his nature or maybe it is his entrepreneurial spirit that makes him look at everything from a perspective of “what if we could do that better?" It is that desire to create solutions and his background in social work that gives the Tarah and Damon group it’s systematic approach to service.

He is the one half of the team that knows the neighborhoods from his early morning rides on his fixed gear bike he calls Fiona Fixie. He is the one who knows the best parks to play basketball from his epic one on one battles with his two boys. He is the one that is finally admitting that the Richmond is becoming a "pretty dope place to live".

PROUDLY REPRESENTING RANSOME REALTY GROUP - 1624 4th Ave - Richmond, Virginia 23222