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A Virginia native with Providence, RI roots Damon, is driven by the belief that housing is a fundamental right and that real estate should serve the needs of people above all else. With a background in social work spanning 15 years, Damon brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry. He approaches real estate from a service-oriented standpoint, leveraging both data and a deep understanding of people's real needs to offer solutions that go beyond traditional industry norms.

This service-driven approach forms the core of Damon's passion for addressing inequities in real estate. Through his company, Teal House Company, Damon is committed to delivering industry-leading education and anti-displacement programming. He believes in empowering individuals and communities, ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities within the real estate market.

Damon's dedication to creating a more equitable real estate landscape stems from his belief that everyone deserves fair and just treatment in housing. By challenging existing norms and advocating for change, Damon is working tirelessly to ensure that real estate works for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances.

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