Okay so we need to put this out there

If you’re just looking to get some money in real estate, we aren't for you. We’re a small group of random skill sets and we need everybody to deliver on our commitments to our clients and each other. We are a team that sees real estate as a tool to strengthen society. So just be aware before you decide to work with us that we are on the hunt for purposeful people and profits

Now with that said...if you're looking for a place where you could take what you know and combine it with a few things you've always wanted to know and mix with a few let's break things ideas......please join us. 

How our team building process works

In case you haven't noticed, we kind of do things our way and being in real estate all sorts of needs come up. We look to constantly meet new talented people that we can bring into the family. Real estate requires so many different skill sets beyond selling houses. We look for a wide range of people. Our biggest need are people who are self motivated, relationship orientated, curious and people we want to be around even when we aren't working. 

Our service offerings are different than most real estate. We may need some case management or appointment settings. We may need photographers or we may need someone to help us close a deal....Basically we are always looking and you don't need to be in Richmond.