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Serving by doing.
It's how we fight


housing programs


The Pledge

Intentional efforts to support neighbors in communities we service (Richmond/Providence).


Providing emergency housing for unhoused community members.

The Merch

Selling merchandise to help fund our housing programs.

We do what we can

At our real estate firm, we understand the negative impact of rising housing costs and want to do our part in helping. Our Housing Programs provide direct and financial support to those who need it most. Rest assured, these programs are 100% funded by partnerships, private support, and a portion of our profits. Join us in the fight to make affordable housing a reality for everyone.



Giving people a chance to rest and reset one bed at a time.


The Pledge

A commitment to keeping people home


Proceeds from the sale of our merchandise goes to providing emergeny rental assistance, paying delinquent property taxes and making critical home repairs for vunerable home owners.

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