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Let us create match made in ownership and possibility





Co-buying is a service where we partner multiple individuals together to a home


1. Get connected to like minded home buyers
2. Become a homeowner



1. Must be eligible for a mortgage
2. Must enroll into the program
3. The enrollment fee is $450
4.Must be a first time homebuyer
5. Buy with or without a realtor


There are no restrictions on location and type of home you can buy. 

Buy with someone else

The current real estate market prices are forcing us to think creatively about homeownership and co-ownership offers the ideal solution.

Co-ownership is when two or more people buy a property together. It is a model that invites people to pool their resources such as credit and finances to be able to buy a home. It is great
way to buy a home without having to carry the entire financial responsibility on your own. 




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We will connect you with a co-buyer. 

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Mindset Check

We will assist you and your co-buyers to ensure you all or on the same page. 

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Exit Strategy

From selling to maximize equity to buy another home, we will help you and your co-buyer create a what's next plan.

There is always a way



  • Joint owned property is any property held in the name of two or more parties, like husband and wife, or business partners, friends, or family members.

  • The risks of joint owned property are the potential for financial issues with partial ownership of a property, like one party wanting to sell their share.

$2000 Method will save you at least $20,000
on a $200,000 home

Get Started

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Thank you for your payment!

What happens next?

1. Join in on an investor call

2. You will have a personal one on one call to discuss your investment goals.

3. Review investor packet

4. Make your payment to Teal House Company. Payments can be made in installments.

5. Register as an investor on the portal


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