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Cleveland Group

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The Project

Teal House Company offers the perfect opportunity for first-time investors to break into the industry with our affordable real estate options in Cleveland. 


The Cleveland Group is an investment opportunity for anyone looking for an entry-level way to invest in real estate. 


1. Obtain an investemtn property $30,000 and under
2. Maximum return on investment
3. Get personal support creating your real estate business.



1.Homes purchsed must be cash buys
2. Properties will be distressed
3. Everyone will be owners of the property
4. Property can be used as rental, short term rental and more
5. $3,000 project origination fee to Teal House Company


Currently we are looking for single and multi-family homes

Look outside for the good deals

The Cleveland Group is an investor program designed to get investors into properties that are $30,000 or less. It puts investors together to buy real estate. Teal House will provide investors with key support to develop a proper business model that will ensure the property selected can be used as a profitable asset. Investors will be the owner of the property. 

Teal House will also invest in each group. 



Investors are needed



Renovation projects will have a max of (8) investors per project. 

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What happens next?

1. Join in on an investor call

2. You will have a personal one on one call to discuss your investment goals.

3. Review investor packet

4. Make your payment to Teal House Company. Payments can be made in installments.

5. Register as an investor on the portal


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