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A people over profit mindset



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Community driven programs that fight displacement our way.


Creative programs that create pathways to ownership

Sharing what we know to help others create housing solutions


A focus on wealth creation and community enhancements


Creating housing by facilitating


The why has to matter

Our job is to break real estate and redevelop it in the image of the people. To fight the generational impact of redlining while pushing back on the negative results of gentrification. Since 2014 we have been providing services designed to make real estate work for everyone.


Guided by a belief that housing is a right, we create pathways to ownership, facilitate responsible investing and fight for affordable housing. We look to strengthen the foundation of real estate by working for the low income renter to the first time investor. 


We are a barrier breaking firm that approaches real estate from 

an equity perspective.  

Where are we

We service homebuyers nationwide with a special connection to Providence, RI and Richmond, VA 

Our Pledge

We can't sit by and watch families disappear from the cities we serve because of housing cost, evictions and tax sales without fighting. The pledge supports neighbors by making available rental assistance, help with security deposits, deliquent tax support and making free critical home repairs to vulnerable home owners. 

Why did we  create the pledge


  • The US has a shortage of 7.3 million homes that low income renters can afford

  • $100 increse in rent is associated with 9% increase in homelessness

  • Rent nationside has increased nearly 30% since the pandemic

Our academy has educated nearly 2000 people. Take a look at our latest educational opportunities.

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