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2000 Method - A low cost way to become a homeowner



Buy a home for $2000 or less

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The $2000 Method is a home buying service where we will get you into a home for $2000 or less in out of pocket cost.


1. Buy a home with no downpayment
2. No realtor fees
3. Save thousands on purchase price
4. Spend $2000 or less in out of pocket cost



1. Must be eligible for a mortgage
2. Must enroll into the program
3. The enrollment fee is $250
4.Must be a first time homebuyer
5. Buy with or without a realtor


There are no restrictions on location and type of home you can buy. 

Take a look at what we will do to get you in a home for $2000 or less

Looking to own a home, but don't want to break the bank?


Our $2000 Method is here to help.


We will create a custom homebuying strategy that will out you in a home spending $2000 or less.


Our program will help you avoid the expense of paying tens of thousands in downpayment, closing costs and even realtor fees. Get in touch with us today and let us build your path towards homeownership.

Things you need to know

Do you need a realtor?

No, the $2000 Method is designed for you to have the insight and support needed to buy a home without paying a realtor's commission. IF YOU HAVE A REALTOR, YOU CAN STILL UTILIZE THE $2000 METHOD

$2000 Method will save you at least $20,000
on a $200,000 home


2000 Method
(the class)

Get Started

When do you plan on buying?
Are you working wth a lender?
Do you have Realtor
Select your service

Thank you for your payment!

What happens after you order?

1. You will be contacted by Teal House Company 

2. You will have a 1 hour consultation to outline your customized home buying plan.

3. You will receive access to weekly $2000 Method group virtual sessions

4. Ongoing one on one support

5. List of homebuyer grants and providers in your area.

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