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The $1300 Method is a home buying strategy. Eligible home buyers utilizing this method are able to buy a home without paying a down payment or closing cost. It is a process where home buyers are able to purchase homes spending $1300 or less in upfront expenses. Home buyers only have to pay for home inspection, appraisal and a minimum earnest money deposit of $500. 



It's all about getting our clients into homes without them paying a down payment or closing cost


how it works

We help home buyers who may not have large savings get into homes sooner than later. The $1300 Method is not a grant or special program. It is a strategy where we layer specific mortgages, home buyer programs, property types and seller concessions to create opportunities for buyers to not pay a down payment or closing cost. 

  • 580 min/credit score

  • Employment

  • Taxable income

Get approved 

Find a home

  • Residential 

  • Owner occupied

  • No location restrictions (Virginia)

Spend $1300 or less

  • Earnest money deposit

  • Home Inspection

  • Home appraisal

Before you start the process, take the 1300 class. It's optional but it will help you understand the process. 



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